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Earthily Plant Based Disinfectant 1 Liter

Earthily Plant Based Disinfectant 1 Liter

Plant Based All Natural, All Purpose disinfectant spray 😊

🥬 Food safe - you can use it as a veggie, fruit and even raw meat wash)

🐶 Pet Safe - you can spray it on your dog’s fur to disinfect and deodorize (avoid the eye area)

🌸 Odor Eliminator - Naturally eliminates foul odor. Spray it inside the car, trash bin, room or toilet.

🧸 Toy cleaner - you can use it to clean your kids toy. 100% non toxic

🏠 Surface Cleaner - you can use this to wipe out dirt from any surface. It is a natural degreaser.

🚪🪑 Wood safe - it doesn’t contain any alcohol, it is safe when cleaning wood material

👨‍👩‍👦Skin safe - no need to worry if it comes in contact with your skin. It is completely safe and not harmful.


Net wt. 1 Liter


Available in 2 sizes and it comes in reusable amber glass spray bottle.


500ml Php250

1000ml Php350



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